Triangle Shooting Game

By Matthew Carroll

The Triangle Shooting Game is designed to create a competitive shooting environment where elements of short rhythmic passing, pass and move, as well as finishing are integrating into a short effective drill. Can be used in practice or as a pre-game warm-up

Place three cones in a triangle about 5-10 feet apart just outside of the 18. Players line up behind furthest cone

The first player in line passes to the player at the cone to the right. That player passes the ball to the player standing at the cone diagonal himself. The ball is then laid off for the original passer who runs through the middle of the triangle and shoots the ball on net.

After the shot the shooter then returns to the left cone, the passer from the left cone moves to the right cone, and the passer from the right cone goes to the back of the line. The process repeats for 2 minutes.

Players can be split into two teams and the drill can become a competition
Stipulations can be added such as left foot only

By Matthew Carroll

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Joseph zimba says January 6, 2020

It’s a very good training I like it I’m Zambia

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