The Plus Minus Game

By Matthew Carroll –

Description: The plus minus game is a high intensity small sided game with built in rest periods for players. The purpose is to create a high level of intensity with a variety of numerical advantages and disadvantages.

Setup:A field is set up with the 18 then continues 30ft out. At the far end of the field three mini goals are set up. The defending team starts with 3 players and the attacking team with 4. On the side of the drill is a rondo with all of the reserve players.

Execution: The defending team attempts to score on one of the three goals, while the attacking team attempts to score on the net. If the attacking team scores an additional defender is added and an attacking player leaves the field.

If the defending team scores an additional attacking player is added and a defender leaves the field. After the set time whoever has the greater plus minus wins.

Variations: Number of starting players can vary, as well as what the subs on the sideline are doing.

By Matthew Carroll

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