Small-Sided Color Recognition Game

By Matthew Carroll –

The Color Recognition Game is a good way to get players to start reacting to visual cues, players will be in various angles and therefore will be forced to turn their heads to view the pinny thrown in the air, this naturally teaches players to check their shoulders

Create a grid, size determined by number of players. In each corner of the grid place a different colored pinny. Create an age/skill level appropriate obstacle course within the grid. A coach, with a pinny that matches each pinny in the corners, stands in the middle. Players spread themselves out amongst the grid, each with a ball.

Players dribble in the grid with out without a series of obstacles set up by the coach. The coach stands in the middle with the colored pinny and whenever they blow the whistle they throw a pinny in the air. Players must recognize the color of the pinny and then proceed to dribble to the corner with the same colored pinny. Once they stop the ball under their foot on the corner they return to dribbling in the grid and wait for the next whistle

The numbers of colors, grids, and players can vary. Defenders can be added to up the difficulty.

By Matthew Carroll

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