Pulse Scrimmages Based On Fartlek Training

By Matthew Carroll –

Description: A take on the classic Fartlek Run players participate in a light jog and then must quickly activate their muscles and mindset into playing mode, similar to the interactions they would see on gameday.

Players are split into 4 teams with a field size determined by the number of total players. The field is divided in half for 2 small sided fields

The teams all jog around the perimeter of the field. The entire game should last around a total of 40 minutes so players are all jogging then every 5 minutes the coach calls out the teams that will play each other (I.e. 1v4 and 2v3) and those teams must sprint to the fields and play a small sided game for 3 minutes.

Games starts as soon as the first player is able to reach the ball. The winner of the small sided game gets a one minute juggle break, the losers immediately start the jog around the fields

one field can be used with the games being one goal matches with the winner staying on
Games can be played w/ or w/o goalies.

By Matthew Carroll

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