Press v Drop Game

By Matthew Carroll –

The purpose of the press v. drop game is to recreate game situations where there is an opportunity to press high up in the opponent’s half. If the the press is broken it also recreates the need to regain shape in the team’s own defensive half.

Field is divided into three equal parts. Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3. Goals and goalies are placed at either end of Zone 1 and 3. Balls should be placed into goals as all restarts come from goalkeepers.

The ball is played out from a goalie to start. If a team wins possession in their defensive third (as they do off the start) the team off the ball must press heavily.

Their goal is to score off the press. If the team on the ball gets the ball into the middle zone they must complete 5 passes and the other team cannot defend them. The off the ball team must drop into their defensive third to try to set up a defensive shape.

Any restart from the team in their defensive third cannot immediately go to the middle box via the goalkeeper to a player, a player must receive in zone ⅓ and then dribble it into zone 2.

Zonal shape and challenge can vary
Throw ins and kicks can be introduced

By Matthew Carroll

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