Killer Pass Game

By Matthew Carroll

The Killer Pass Game is used to enhance a player’s ability to utilize pockets of space between lines to create scoring opportunities. In addition to this the passing players must be creative and find a rapport with the receiving players. Defenders must work as a unit, and the tight space of the drill bring in a conditioning element.

Create a grid as wide as the 18 and 5 yards out from it. Place all balls beyond the grid. Split the 18 with a single cone. Place two “Sweepers” in the two 18 grids. Place one “10” with the balls. Take every other player and split them evenly into attackers and defenders within the grid.

The passer must play a ball either to one of the attackers or into the 18 for the attackers to run onto.

The defenders must try to stop the attacker from receiving a ball but cannot enter the 18. Once the ball is into the grid the sweepers (who must stay in their grid) must defend the attacker.

If the attacker scores he then becomes an additional passer, if he does not score he must go back into the grid outside the 18. Only one ball can be in each 18 grid at a time (so two attackers can technically be in the 18 at the same time).

The numbers of the attackers and defenders can vary, as well as sweepers and passers.

Players that score can be removed, or rotate in for the passer

By Matthew Carroll

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