Check Your Shoulder Conveyor Belt

By Matthew Carroll –

The purpose of the CYS Conveyor Belt is to create a passing pattern that maximises touches on the ball, asks players to check their shoulders, and creates an atmosphere of awareness between players.

9 players are set up 3 by 3 with a ball at top top of each grid.Players should be spaced about 15-20 feet from each other both ways

The player at the top of the grid passes to the middle player. That middle player checks their should before the pass comes, and then again while the ball is in motion.

They then receive on the back foot, opening up to pass to player at the bottom of the grid who checks their shoulder twice, receives on the back foot, pulls a move to turn around, and passes to the player at the top of the next grid. The end player that receives resets by passing a lofted ball to the player at the top of the grid in the first line.

Number of players, direction of play, amount of balls, and shape of grid can all vary.

By Matthew Carroll

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