9 In the Middle

By Matthew Carroll –

The 9 in the Middle game is to recreate a team’s 9 (or 10) playing within the oppositions 6 5 and 4. The 9 plays as a target man who is receiving in the triangle and then redistributing to a “runner” that would be coming through to break the back line to create space for a shot or pass in the box.

Set up a rondo with 3 defenders in the middle with one attacking player in the middle of them that group. Defenders should be set in a defensive triangle. Depending on the skill level and number of player the rondo size will vary.

Players on the outside attempt to play ball to the central player (the #9) who needs to then play a ball that breaks the triangle of the defending players. Balls should break one “line” between two defenders and the second pass should break a second “line” changing direction of the play.

Points can be added based on combinations of passes that break the line
Additional defenders can be added to press the outer circle

By Matthew Carroll

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