3v2 vs 3v2

By Matthew Carroll –

Description ; The 3v2 vs 3v2 drill can be used to either focus on the attacking players or the defending players. With the focus on the attacking players the teaching points can be moving with pace to take advantage of numerical superiority, scoring off numerical mismatches, or counter pressing. If the focus is on the defending side the focus can be on transition moments, staying compact, and building out the back.

Setup: Create a field appropriate for two 3v3 games back to back to each other with a small goal on either end and the field divided in half. Set up two teams of 5 and place three attacking players on one end of the grid and two of the team as defensive players on the other end. Place extra balls in or around each net for transitions.

Execution: Play starts with one of the attacking teams of three starting against the oppositions team of two defenders. The attacking team attempts to score, if they do the defenders retrieve a ball from the net and must pass it to their attacking players on the other side.

If the defending team intercepts the pass or the shot misses the goal the defenders still attempt to pass to their attacking players, but now the opposition attacking team can attempt to defend them and win the ball back to try and score. Play continues until a designated time elapses or a score is reached.

Variations: The number of players can be varied depending on the skill/availability of players, as long as the advantage is kept by the attacking side. Goals size can be increased and goalies added as the number of players increases.


By Matthew Carroll

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