3v2 to 5v5 Transition Game

By Matthew Carroll –

The purpose of this grid game is to create moments of transition focusing on building from the back and the counter attack. By creating a smaller field and more transition moments the players can more effectively envision and execute lighting fast counters from goalie buildup.

Create 2 connected 30×30 grids, The team on the ball starts in the opposition grid facing the opposition goal with three players. The opposition has two defenders facing the team with the ball. The team on the ball leaves two defenders in the opposite grid and and the defending team leaves 3 players with them.

The team on the ball attacks the opposition goal in a 3v2. If they score the point the defending team must then build out with the goalkeeper to try to pass to their teammates in the other grid, while the team that just scored will tries to press the opposition and score again.

If the build up team can get the ball past half the three attackers on the opposite side then engage in a 3v2 and try to score.

To create more 3v2 attacking opportunities the buildup play/press phase can be skipped.

To simulate a 6 transitioning play on the build up phase the build up team can be allowed to have one of their attackers allowed to play between both grids to link the 2 defenders and 2 attackers

By Matthew Carroll

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