3v2 Bring Them In

By Tug McTighe –

The purpose of this activity is to help players create and take advantage of overloads. It also forces quick transitions from defending to attacking and back again by making the play continuous.

30×20 grid with two small goals as shown. You can vary size and distance between goals per your team’s age and skill level. The smaller the space the more difficult it becomes for the players since they have less time and space.

3 black players attack 2 yellow players to start. They possess the ball and try to score.

If black team does score, the player that scored immediately leaves the field (Black A to Black B) and a new yellow player comes on with a ball (Yellow A to Yellow B) to make it a 3v2 for yellow.

Yellow now tries to score. But if they are dispossessed, the player that lost the ball exits and the team that won possession must bring their new teammate on by passing the ball backward to one of the waiting players as shown above. They then play 3v2 as normal.

The same thing happens in other situations like a player shooting and missing or even losing the ball out of bounds – they exit quickly and the new player comes on for opposite team to keep the 3v2 going.

Coaching Points:
Find the overload and exploit the 2v1 situations.
Enter and leave the field quickly, the game should be continuous.
You must transition from attack to defense and back again quickly.
You should attack the opponent to create a give and go with your teammate or find the space in behind.

By Tug McTighe

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