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Create a team of disciplined dynamos and not headless chickens with this revolutionary grid training system for spatial awareness

Finally, the ultimate toolkit for player positioning has arrived! Getting players to stay disciplined and in formation can be a major headache, whatever level you coach at. Now this problem is solved with the powerful grid based training system revealed in Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3.


Dear Coach,

Do your players keep charging after the ball like headless chickens? Do they keep breaking out of position, creating huge gaps for opponents to exploit and score? Or do they lack the understanding of their responsibilities altogether? Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 is a complete training system focused on solving these problems by vastly improving the spatial and positional awareness of your players.

Harnessing advanced grid based training, Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 provides a comprehensive framework for educating players on where they need to be and why. What’s more, it provides a complete set of drills that recreate real game scenarios, so that players can develop the composure, decision making and reliability that will keep them in position and playing as a disciplined, cohesive team on match day.


While focused on the 4-3-3, the explanations and drills in Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 can be applied to a variety of formations, including the 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2 and 3-5-2. So whether you coach youth players or more advanced teams, Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 can dramatically improve your players’ spatial and positional awareness, raising team performance across the pitch as a result.

“This training system solves the #1 problem in youth soccer, of keeping over enthusiastic players in position and supporting team shape”

It’s hair tearing stuff. Rather than keep their position, time and again you’ll see inexperienced players charging to win the ball, leading to frantic outbreaks of clumsy hit and run soccer. Not only is this lack of discipline frustrating to watch, it also creates huge gaps for the opposition to run into and score. It’s no wonder so many games are thrown away because over enthusiastic players won’t stay in formation.

Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 shows you how to give players the positional discipline they may be lacking with grid based training. Not only do grids force players to maintain team shape, but it also helps to improve their decision making, passing angles and gives them a deeper understanding of how to move the ball quickly up the pitch.

Player spacing is one of the biggest problems in youth soccer. But it can create problems for players at a more senior level too. So if you to foster a team of disciplined players that know how to stay in their pens, Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 gives you the perfect system to do it.


“Learn spatial awareness strategies from a coach who specializes in the development of systems of play”

PearsonCoaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 Formation is born from its author Sean Pearson’s lifelong passion for coaching. He grew up watching his father’s vast collection of Liverpool games from the 1980s onwards, a period during which they were England’s most dominate team. From watching and analyzing their style of play, Pearson developed an appreciation for the benefits of smoothing passing and playing as a team.

Pearson first started coaching at the young age of 16, helping to train his local team. This continued while at Oxford Brookes University, where he helped to train the university side. Upon graduating, Pearson continued to pursue his passion for coaching at Sheffield United’s Academy, coaching junior sides up to the age of 14. During his time at Sheffield United, Pearson was able to observe professional level coaching firsthand and gain his UEFA B License.

Pearson then decided to take his coaching education abroad, moving to the USA in 2009. It was here that Pearson crystallized his specialty in developing systems of play, which could be used by coaches at every level. He also further developed his philosophy in sharing possession and make it easier for each other with lots of movement off the ball, combination plays and penetrating runs into the box.

While in America, Pearson also expanded his coaching qualifications, gaining an NSCAA Premier Diploma and Director of Coaching Diploma. He currently coaches the U20 Men’s team and U15 Boys at the FC Philadelphia, where he is also responsible for staff development.

Pearson is also the author of Coaching Team Shape in the 3-3-1 and Coaching Team Shape in the 4-2-3-1


What’s covered in Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 Formation

Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 provides a complete system for training players in spatial awareness, composure and drilling them in the responsibilities of their position. The drills are especially effective for educating young players due to their repetition of game like scenarios and focus on the fundamentals of effective team play.

Topics covered in Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 include:

Overview – An explanation of the grid system and player bearings

The fundamental principles – Spatial awareness, communication, movement off the ball, ball movement and receiving with the back foot

4-3-3 formation analysis – Analysis of its strengths, including depth in midfield and abundance of attacking options, how defensive midfielders pull the strings and why it is the ideal formation for playing a pressing style

Creating triangles and diamonds – Using grids to train players to create angles of support from movement off the ball. How to rehearse these movements without pressure

Adding pressure – Firstly passive with cones then progressing with active opposition and fewer restrictions

Advanced movements – How to progressively increase the challenge with more opponents and isolating players with overloads and underloads

Recycling the play – Repetition is the key to helping players understand where they need to be and why. This section explains how to run drills so they repeat advanced movements without breaks in play

Playing the ball forward – When and who to pass to for converting defense into attack by continuously moving the ball into space

Penetrating passes – Grid pass drills that will make your team more comfortable in possession and where to pass to in certain pressured situations

Additional drills – Technical skill improvements covered include combination play, overlapping runs, third man runs and basic finishing

What you will gain from Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 Formation

Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 provides a complete set of grid based drills and tactical insights for keeping players in position and supporting the team shape. This makes it particularly valuable for coaching youth or inexperienced players who lack a fundamental understanding of their position’s roles and responsibilities.

  • From Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 you will gain:
  • From Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 you will gain:
  • A complete set of grid based drills for training spatial and positional awareness in a progressive manner that replicates real game scenarios
  • A way to train one of the missing elements in youth soccer, and pull technique and tactics together
  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the 4-3-3
  • Enhanced spatial and positional awareness that will ensure your team keeps its shape and plays as a cohesive unit
  • Better team shape leads to improved tactical play and possession, and fewer gaps for opponents to exploit. This enables you to defend better and concede fewer goals
  • Repetition of real game scenarios that will improve decision making and composure in actual games
  • Enhanced passing with swift triangle and diamond passing drills
  • Striker specific training drills with mannequins and players in support that will improve your scoring record
  • Grid drills that improve penetration, combination play, overlapping runs and more


Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 offers a highly effective system for training young players in spatial awareness and the vital need to stay in position. Its grid based drills can also be equally effective for training players at an amateur, college or an even higher level who need to be more disciplined in keeping team shape.

100% ‘no quibbles’ 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

WORLD CLASS COACHING is recognized globally for the quality of its soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world. We wouldn’t be offering you Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 unless it achieves our exceptionally high standards. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 after six months then please contact us for a no quibbles refund.


“This grid based system gives players the discipline and positional awareness that improves team performance all round”

If you’re starting to wonder whether the only way to keep players in position is with a ball and chain, Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 is the training system you’ve been waiting for.

Its drills are carefully designed to ensure players get a better understanding of where they need to be and why. Its progressive yet repetitive approach to training, with a replication of real game scenarios, will also ensure that the improvements in spatial and positional awareness translate smoothly into real games.

Ultimately, the benefit of practicing the tactics and drills in Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 is that players are more disciplined and team shape is maintained. This will give you a clear winning advantage over teams that charge after every ball and cause their formation to collapse as a result.

Best Wishes,

Mike Saif

P.S. Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 provides a comprehensive grid based training system for improving spatial and positional awareness. It’s drills will give your players a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities so they stay in position and maintain team shape, improving the entire team’s performance as a result.

P.P.S If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the soccer coaching resources in Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3 after six months then we will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

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