By Steven Smith

Area Size: Largest grid is 20 X 25. Inside grid is 12 X 15. Goal is full size and 15 yards from outside largest grid.

Teams: Groups of 2 for possession and individual target strikers (can be midfield target players as well but functionally can be placed further from goal).

Setup: · Field is set up with a 20X25 space as shown in the diagram. A middle field is set up as shown where the players will play 2 vs. 2. Goals can be set up as shown or other arrangements depending on desire of the training session. Three players on each group with rotation groups waiting or multiple fields.

Players play 2 vs. 2 inside the restricted space. After a series of passes or on cue from the coach either team tries to find the striker who has been constantly moving to align himself/herself to receive a pass. After the successful pass to the striker the player attempts to score on full size goal.

• Run a striker at both ends as shown in diagram or only at one end.
• Center players must connect 5 passes without loss of possession before connecting the pass to the striker
• A single center player can break out of the grid to support the striker for any rebounds from the keeper
• Make attacking midfielders a target but place goals further from the grid

By Steve Smith
Steve Smith has been a men’s college coach that holds an NSCAA Advanced National Diploma and a Doctorate in Physical Education.

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