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Tactical Training Games

A book that is jam packed with all kinds of small-sided games that can be used to train your tactics and system of play

Here is what you will find in this book:

  • Attacking, defending and possession related small-sided games
  • Small-sided games for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6 and 7v7
  • Small-sided games to work on transition
  • Great ideas for using neutral players to get the best out of your SSG
  • How you can instill tactical decision making into your players
  • Easily adapt all small-sided games to suit the age group and ability level of your players

Tactical Training Games is packed cover to cover with small-sided games that will also help you instill tactical decision making into your players.  Although soccer is an 11v11 game, it is often boiled down to areas of the field where there are situations of 1v1, 2v2, etc. and even up to 6v6.  

If you focus on these small group situations in training and include a tactical element, your team will be far better prepared on game day to go on the field and play like champions.  Get your copy new and transform your training sessions.

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Tactical Training Games

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