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Why Tottenham Are Winning So Many Games in the English Premier League

Mauricio Pochettino has surprised everyone by coaching Tottenham to 2nd place in the English Premier League.  Learn the simple tactics and style of play he has used to such dominating effect in the Tactical Series - Mauricio Pochettino

Here is what you will find in this book:

  • The flexible formation used by Pochettino that often changes depending on if they are winning or losing
  • What makes Tottenham are so good when in possession of the ball
  • How to take advantages of the times when you lose or win possession
  • Training sessions that you can do to have your team playing like Tottenham
  • A look at how Pochettino organizes his players to devastating effect when attacking
  • The importance of the holding midfielder and how to get him included in attacking situations

Mauricio Pochettino is an excellent tactical coach who has adapted to the English Premier League showing great innovation and creativity.  He has Tottenham playing a mix of controlled build-up, quick high tempo passing and an attacking style that can break down the opposing back line.

Pochettino’s methods could be the future of the game. Tottenham use many playing systems and the main core of the team play in all of these systems.  If you are stuck using just one formation, then this book will give you lots of new ideas.

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