Never be short of ideas on the training field with the 73 drills in this FREE eBook


The WCC Complete Soccer Coaching Guide contains 73 drills and exercises and is packed with a wide range of topics by soccer coaching expert, Lawrence Fine. This book has over 140 pages that covers topics, from technical drills to conditioning to formations and small-sided games, these drills have been used by 1,000s of coaches from over 70 countries across the world to improve their coaching knowledge and the quality of their training sessions.

Here are just a few topics covered in the 140+ pages of this eBook.

  • A warm-up that can be used before a training session or game
  • A small-sided defending game
  • Shooting and finishing to two goals
  • A drill to work on the build up to the final third
  • Points for skills game
  • Circle Drills
  • Combination play drill that works on finishing and goalkeeping
  • A possession small-sided game
  • An all-in-one drill

And there are many many more drills and exercises packed into the 140+ pages of this eBook…and best of all it’s FREE….