Maximize Player Agility, Attack Skills and Conditioning Using Training Sessions from the Top Two Italian Serie “A” Academies

Long-time WORLD CLASS COACHING subscriber, Dave Brown visited Italy to observe AC Siena and Genoa FC training sessions and coaching methods. Brown kept extensive notes from both the training sessions and his personal discussions with the coaches.

The result? Over 70 pages of training sessions with written explanations and easy-to-read diagrams…

Here is just a small sample of what is covered in this eBook

  • Siena’s attacking sessions incorporating speed, agility and overlaps
  • Italian style shadow play for attacking combinations
  • A look at quick counter-attacks for making the most of a turnover
  • Technical training as part of a possession practice
  • How Siena got the most out of an 11v11 conditioned game
  • How Genoa combines technique with conditioning
  • Strength and conditioning drills and training