Don't Leave Your Goalkeepers to Train In a Corner! Discover how to maximize the intensity and productivity of goalkeeper training with Goalie Wars! Extras

WCC_Goalie_Wars_extras-cover-500Manchester United’s Peter Schmeichel, Manchester City’s Joe Hart and Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas have all been integral to their team’s success. A well trained goalkeeper gives the backline confidence knowing there is a formidable last line of defense, while strikers know they won’t be under constant pressure to make up for their goalkeeper’s ‘gaffes’. It’s a fact: an effective, well drilled and confident goalkeeper can be the decisive factor in a team’s performance. But all too often, the goalkeeper is the most ignored player in training.

This eBook shows you how to address this problem with drills and exercises that train your goalkeepers with the same intensity and pressure as the rest of your team.

Packed with detailed diagrams, the eBook contains 20 exercises where goalkeepers can train in an competitive environment.

  • Footwork and technical warm-ups
  • Throwing and distribution drills
  • Shot stopping and touch training
  • 4v4 with extra responsibilities for the goalkeeper
  • Team trains the “keeper”
  • 6v4 goalkeeper coordinating with the back line
  • Corner kick game