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How the World's Top Coaches Have Success By Building Out of the Back

Since Pep Guardiola, Marcelo Bielsa and others have had success with their teams building from the back, the tactic is now widespread across the world

Here is what you will find in this book:

  • An overview of the tactics of building from the back
  • The techniques and tactical skills needed to build up from the back
  • The critical positioning of each player, including the goalkeeper
  • The most common tactic of building up from the back that will help your team keep possession
  • A look at different patterns of play used by top teams to build from the back
  • The various tactics used by the world's top coaches to build from the back

Do you have your goalkeeper kick the ball as far as he can up the field in order to reduce the risk of losing possession in the defending third?  If so, how do you expect your players (especially young players) to learn how to pass, receive and keep possession of the ball?

Build Up From the Back - Tactical Analysis takes a look at how the world's top coaches are successful with the tactic of building up from the back and shows why you should use the same tactic with your team.

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