Shooting Off the Pass

By Sean Pearson

Area Size: 35 x 26 yard

Teams: 15 mins

Players: 7 v 7


  • To Shoot directly off of a pass
  • To understand when and when not to shoot depending on the scenario


Two teams score on different goals, both teams play in a diamond formation and 2 players are in corner zones on the offensive side of the ball.



The aim is to be able to shoot directly off a pass. Either when the ball is coming back towards you or travelling in the same direction as you. Aim to get the ball to the player in the offensive zones early so there is space for players to arrive and shoot with a 1 time shot.


The players in the offensive zones should look to find options from movements from the field players. Depending on the corresponding movements of the defenders is where the ball is played, looking for a team mate to finish with a 1 time shot.


If there is not an option to directly score off of a pass from the offensive zone then players in the field of play can also create opportunities for other players. Depending on where the defenders are players can either run in front, or like in the diagram, run behind into the space to receive a pass.



  • Once you play to an offensive zone you switch
  • Set distances from the goal, so more points are awarded the further out players score from
  • Allow players from the offensive zones to drive inside to draw players towards them

By Sean Pearson.  Sean is also the author Coaching Team Shape in the 3-3-1, Coaching Team Shape in the 4-2-3-1  and Coaching Team Shape in the 4-3-3

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